You Are Awesome!

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life.  
Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” 
Margaret Cousins

In this first listing of exceptional people, USD #405 would like to acknowledge our co-workers for all they do 
to make our district a wonderful place to be.  In future months others will be recognized.

IT Appreciation:
September 15

  • Richard Huhman
  • Ben Miller
  • Susan Tobias

Custodial/Maintenance Appreciation:
October  2

  • Jairus Marcum
  • Roland Anschutz

  • Cassie Chapman
  • James Deering
  • Ralph Fierro
  • Marshall Foster
  • Ron Herrick
  • Justin Loughridge
  • Boyd Loutzenhiser
  • Greg Moss
  • Georgia Smith
  • Zach Dobbins
  • Dave Viramontez
  • Carl Clark
  • Trenton Troyer

  • Billy Harley

Coaches Week
October 12

Cross Country
Zack Vogel – Head Coach
 Dan Reazin – Asst. Coach
HS Football
 Andrew Gwennap – Head Coach
 Zuriel Reyes – Asst. Coach
 Dakota Nave – Asst. Coach
 Tim Slupski – Asst. Coach
HS Boys Golf
James Eskut – Asst. Coach
HS Boys’ Tennis
 Jack Wilson – Head Coach
HS Girls’ Tennis
 Vicki Johnston – Head Coach
 Jack Wilson – Asst. Coach
  HS Volleyball
 Dean Rausch - Head Coach
 Angela Holmes – Asst. Coach
 Ashley Fierro – Asst. Coach
HS Baseball
Clint Bieberle – Head Coach
Dakota Nave – Asst. Coach 
 Dave Viramontez – Asst. Coach
HS Track
 Zack Vogel – Head Coach
 Jason Stansbury – Asst. Coach
 Brian Friess – Asst. Coach
 Cody Bowers – Asst. Coach
 Crystal Fall – Asst. Coach                 
 HS Softball
 Marlin Clark – Head Coach
 Brandon Moor – Asst. Coach    
HS Cheerleading
 Leah Bowers – Sponsor
 Sarah Wedel – Sponsor
HS Boys’ Basketball
 Brian Friess – Head Coach
 Rassan Hines – Asst. Coach
 David Viramontez – Asst. Coach
HS Girls’ Basketball
 B J Smith – Head Coach
 Crystal Fall – Asst. Coach
 Cody Bowers – Asst. Coach
HS Wrestling
 Mark Schottler – Head Coach
 Colton Clarke– Asst. Coach
HS Boys Tennis
 Jack Wilson – Head Coach
MS Boys’ Basketball
Andrew Gaylor - Head Coach
 Mark Johnston – Asst. Coach
 Zach Dobbins – Asst. Coach
 Gerard Paz – Asst. Coach
MS Football
 Cody Bowers – Head Coach
 Alejandro Pena – Asst. Coach
 Dave Viramontez – Asst. Coach
 MS Girls’ Basketball
 Dean Rausch – Head Coach
 Brandon Moor – Asst. Coach
 Angela Holmes – Asst. Coach
MS Volleyball
 Alicia Carlton – Head Coach
 Amber Pfluhoeft – Asst. Coach
 BJ Smith – Asst. Coach
 MS Wrestling
 Andy Gwennap – Head Coach
MS Boys’ Track
 Dan Reazin – Head Coach
 Andy Gwennap – Asst. Coach
MS Girls’ Track
 Andrew Gaylor – Head Coach
 Teresa Konda – Asst. Coach
MS Tennis
 Mandy Steen – Head Coach
Instrumental Music
Andrew Scherer
Vocal Music
Eric Foley
Daniel Dawson - Head Coach
Seth Cordell – Asst. Coach
Kristin Witte – Head Coach
National Honor Society
Alicia Carlton
HS Scholars’ Bowl 
Keith Shank – Head Coach
Stefanie Eskut – Asst. Coach
MS Scholars’ Bowl
 Dan Reazin – Sponsor
 Jason Beaver – Head Coach 
 Russell Douglass  – Asst. Coach
 Keith Shank  – Asst. Coach
 Mark Johnston – Asst. Coach

School Food Week
October 12

  • Pattie Kreis

  • Carrie Wilder
  • Sara Scott
  • Heather George
  • Marlo Munoz
  • Shirley Jeffery
  • Sandy Poe
  • Vickie Keyes
  • Debi Weller
  • Marybeth Hall

Bosses Day 
October 16

  • John Cannon – PES
  • Derek Carlson – LMS

  • Bill Day – FEC
  • Jeff Fuss – LHS
  • Terri Glass – CES
  • Sara Day - RCLC
  • Katie Herrman - FEC
  • Greg Konda - LHS
  • Kelley Nusser - LHS

Bus Drivers Appreciation Day 
October 21

  • Gerard Paz

  • Russel Douglass
  • Rocky Summer
  • Bobbie Besser
  • Samuel Lehman
  • Brian Friess
  • Roger Griffin
  • Dan Reazin
  • Brad Reid
  • Doug Keesling
  • Don DeWerff