• Take the interest inventory, career search and skills assessment on if you haven’t yet. Get the batch codes from your counselor and then discuss results with your counselor.

  • Meet with your counselor to update your post graduation plan.

  • If planning on attending college, enroll in college preparatory curriculum.

  • Take the PSAT on October 16 and review results when you receive them.

  • Do some ACT practice tests online so you’re ready when you take the test. Visit for free practice tests or see the counselor.

  • Get involved in school activities (sports, clubs)

  • Do your BEST work and get the BEST grades you can. Check your grades often and turn in your work on time. Your grades will be on your transcript and count toward college from now on.

  • Be at school EVERY DAY!

  • Volunteer in your community by doing service for others. This can include: Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, Soup Kitchen, Meals on Wheels, Big Brothers/Sisters, Nursing Homes, shovel snow/mow lawns, help out neighbors (remember, this is for free, no payment involved). This will help you on your scholarship applications your senior year.

  • Start thinking about post grad plans and your career interests (use the info from the career pipeline you received).

  • Check to see if you’re on track for Board of Regents curriculum if you’re choosing to do so.

  • Visit with colleges/technical schools and military that come to our school.

  • Continue adding to the file folder you started freshman year and include ALL documents that will help you your senior year. That includes transcripts, awards/honors, school and community activities you’re involved in, recommendation letters from teachers/community members, any correspondence from colleges/tech schools, dates of volunteer service, etc.

  • Participate in career fairs whenever they are offered. TALK to business professionals and ask questions about what they had to do to get where they are and what they like/dislike about their jobs.

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