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On April 1st, the band traveled to Larned and came back with plenty of medals, doing even better than I had expected! All students who received Outstanding ratings will move on to perform at the State Solo & Ensemble Festival on April 29th.

Outstanding Soloists:
Kyrsten Young, Sophomore Flute
Mia Bryant, Junior Clarinet
Cherish Galliart, Sophomore Alto Saxophone
Merlin Behnke, Senior Alto Saxophone
Jarrett Smith, Senior Tenor Saxophone
Marianna Boese, Sophomore Horn
Gilberto Silva-Paez, Freshman Trombone
Zane Moore, Sophomore Trombone
Grant Buckley, Sophomore Marimba

Outstanding Ensembles:
Saxophone Quartet
Brass Ensemble (17 students)
Percussion Ensemble (7 students)

Excellent Soloists:
Will Miller, Sophomore Clarinet
Nevaeh Becker, Freshman Alto Saxophone
Tiffany Cereceres, Freshman Horn
Carlos Reyes, Senior Trombone
JT Denton, Sophomore Euphonium
Mallorie Blank, Senior Cello

Excellent Ensembles:
Flute Choir
Clarinet Choir
Saxophone Choir
Brass Quintet #1
Brass Quintet #2

Additionally, I am confident that Guin Kennedy would have received a I rating for her horn solo, but she was, unfortunately, unable to perform in the afternoon for reasons outside of her control. She worked very hard this semester, and she will still get to go to State with the Brass Ensemble.

Congratulations to you all.