Music Memory

 CES Music Memory competition will be on the morning of Monday, April 26th. The competition will start at 9:30 a.m. in the CES library.  The competition will be live-streamed on the CES Facebook page at for classrooms and for the community to watch. Competition should be done sometime between 11 and 11:15 a.m. 

Students participating are: 

3rd Grade
Marcus Washmon
Brooklynn Curzon
Skylar Brinson
Becca McCormick
Logan Thomasson
Eli Ballard
Avery Watts
Chloe Johnston
Mackenzie George
Kailynn Burrola
Valerie Gomez
Jose Landeros
4th Grade
Sammy Lehman
Ruby Cannon
Cadie Padgett
Austin Chen
Scott Reazin
Gracie Beaver
Billy Rose
Aaron Villasenor
Kayla Rincon
Adahir Rivera
Ava Almanza
Keylen Logan
5th Grade
Xander Young
Izabella Voorhies
Jonathan Steele
Gabriel Marcum
Ian Ortiz
Emma Peterson
Alivia LoBurgio
Bradly Curzon
Macy Schubert
Hayden Linden
Melanie Cereceres
Chloe Becker
Avery Goforth
Raiden Moore

MUSIC MEMORY is a nationally recognized curriculum designed to promote the love and knowledge of classical music through an in-depth study of sixteen great composers, their lives, and their music.  Students are exposed to a revolutionary learning approach – unique Animated Listening Maps created in a different style and format for each selection that connects the aural experiences to their visual memories. Music selections are thoroughly learned in an engaging and highly effective way. Students explore the music “from the inside out” – they are helped to actively listen to all the elements of music (melody, harmony, form, timbre, dynamics, etc.) that make each music masterpiece different