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Directors for this program are Tammy Rausch, Chad Comley, and Janet Head. Character Education assemblies will usually be held the first week of each month. Our classroom activities are conducted mostly on the first Friday on the month. Keep checking this site for more information. Our monthly activities and photographs will be posted here. View our Character Rap. To read more about our program, click Character Education.

Here at Central, we think our kids are SCHARRP. Follow along and we will tell you how...

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This year's motto will be "Our Future Is Limitless." with the theme of galaxy/space. During the months of August and September, students examine what course they will take to become better citizens. During the first part of the year, the 3rd grade classroom activity will include the opportunity for students to place their hand print on our hallway wall. All new students and faculty members are also included in this activity. 4th and 5th graders participated in Captain'™s Coming and reviewed the character traits. Thanks to Mrs. Konda, and Mrs. Boroughs for August Character Education bulletin board.

Photo of students and teachers paiting their hand-prints on a wall

Students and staff are invited to place their hand print on our walls as a symbol of commitment to Central School and the Character Education Program

Our Character Rap, complete with actions, is sung at all Character Education assemblies.

Our Character Rap, complete with actions, is sung at all Character Education assemblies.


  • Self-discipline: To have orderly conduct and obedience.

  • Caring & Compassion: To be concerned about others.

  • Honesty: To be truthful and have integrity.

  • Attitude: To have a positive mental feeling.

  • Respect: To show high regard for self and others.

  • Responsibility: To fulfill obligations, be reliable, be trustworthy, and be able to choose between right and wrong

  • Perserverance: To keep trying in spite of difficulties

At the conclusion of the end of the year assembly, students will participate in the final activity for the year.