District  Wide December 24 To December 28

KSHSAA has established a consecutive day period where there shall be no practice of interscholastic contests or activities.  KSHSAA has set December 24 - December 28, 2023 as the moratorium (non-practice dates) for this school year.

            *  There shall be no school activities
            *  No staff members may be present for any activities
            *  There shall be no activity practices on or outside school premises
            *  Students may not be in school-owned or operated facilities during the X-Mas moratorium (this includes all gyms, wrestling room, and the weight room).

X-Mas vacation is a time for family and relaxation.  This is also a great time for school personnel to 'decompress' and re-energize and for kids to spend time with their family and friends.  Please do not let kids into our buildings for any reason whether they are in grade school, middle school, high school or college during this moratorium.  Staff members with kids in school are not exempt.  KSHSAA mandates that we report any violations.