Photo of John Deny



John Denny has taught Math at Lyons High School since 2008. He received his B.A. in Bible from Sterling College and his M.S. in Mathematics from Wichita State University. Before coming to Lyons he taught High School for ten years on the Navajo Reservation in AZ. He also taught many years at both Wichita State University and Hutchinson Community College. He now teaches Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Technical Math, Business Math, Statistics and Trigonometry for Barton County Community College for students who dual enroll. Lyons High School is fortunate to have a teacher with his background and experience. He is also Director of Kansas Bible Camp in Hutchinson, KS where he lives.


  • Students need to provide their own writing utensil

  • Books and papers are supplied

  • TI-83 or TI-84 calculators are supplied, but students may want to use their own