Ms. Ashley Franklin

Class Expectations

I have high expectations for my students, I want them to do their very best at their level. Now I will push them to get better but they have to work hard to get there. I expect them to treat me the way they want to be treated! They also should be able to work with everyone in the classroom…I tell them they don’t have to like them…..but they HAVE to work with them and be respectful to them.


In our classroom, we develop the rules together at the beginning of the year. The student really enjoys helping decide the rules for the classroom.

Rolling in the Dough

This is our discipline plan but also it is a way for the students to get a closer look into what it is like in our economic world. Economics is in our curriculum and I have chosen to integrate this into every day throughout our school year. It consists of consequences if they don’t turn in homework, get into trouble, or don’t get their planner signed. They will have to keep track of their own money in their banks and then every other Friday the bank opens and they will be allowed to bank, and buy things with the money they have earned.

Call Phones

I will allow students to have a cell phone ….but the catch is that I will collect them at the beginning of the day and they will get them at the end of the day as they are leaving school. If your student doesn’t get it turned in or is caught with it, it will be confiscated and will be turned into the office. I understand though that if they are walking or have some kind of function after school or before that you need them to have it, that is fine. Just please advise them that they need to turn that cellphone into me!


I will follow the school rule which is that clothes need to be appropriate and shoes should be closed-toe and never be flip flops.


The homework in our classroom will normally be in a homework packet which will be given on Fridays and then is due on the following Friday. Your student can turn this in earlier than the Friday that it is due. They will have homework for spelling almost every week. This is just writing their spelling words nothing hard or time consuming.


If your student has a birthday and you would like to send treats to school that is fine. The best time for that is about the last 25 to 30 minutes of the day. Please send a note with your student or contact me to let me know that you will be coming or won’t be either way. You can also write this in their planner.


We will be doing different projects throughout the year, one is an Native American Diorama, an Economic project, metric Olympics, three simulations and many other things. Some of these will be completed at home, some we will work on at school and might need supplies. There is a sing-up sheet that if you would be willing to put your name and number down so that when our class needs some supplies we can call to see if you would be willing to donate them. Thank you, we really appreciate your help!!!

Reading Requirements

Reading requirements in my room are not taken for a grade. They have a reading requirements sheet that they were given to follow. Each month they are to read a fiction chapter book and a nonfiction book that is close to or at their Lexile. They are allowed to read ahead but cannot go back and make past months up. At the end of the year we have a banana split party and each month that they complete their reading requirements they will get either a scoop of ice cream or a topping depending on the month.

We also have AR goals in our classroom. All of their reading will be up to them…..I do not follow them around and tell them they need to be reading! Next year in Middle School they will be expected to read at least 10 AR points worth in a nine weeks. So I set their goals based on their decision every nine weeks. They will receive a pizza book it if they make it as well they will get to have an AR party with me in the classroom.

Supply List

  • Colored Pencils pkg of 12
  • 2 Pkgs. Crayola Crayons – pkg. of 24 (one for Classroom / 1 for Writing Lab)
  • #2 Wooden Pencils – pkg. of 24 or 2 pkgs./12
  • Standard/metric wooden ruler
  • 4 spiral notebooks (green, red, yellow, blue) college or wide ruled
  • 4 pocket folders (green, red, yellow, blue)
  • 4 glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • 4 Dry Erase Markers (new, not leftover from last year please)
  • Highlighter
  • Large Eraser
  • 3 Large Boxes Kleenex
  • 1 Pkg. 4” x 6” index cards
  • 1 Pkg. lined notebook paper