Ks. State Dept. of Education

2022 Kansans Can Star Recognition Program

USD 405 has been recognized by KSDE for its efforts in two of the state's five goal areas: Kindergarten Readiness and Individual Plans of Study.  

The recognition for Kindergarten Readiness is the result of our early childhood teachers, special education itinerants, elementary administration, elementary teachers, and parents working hard to determine the academic and social readiness of students entering kindergarten.

The recognition for  Individual Plans of Study is the result of years of trial and error to establish a robust IPS system at the high school and moving down into the middle school. 

Both awards are also possible because of the work of certain Park Elementary (Lora Fuss, Sarah Smith, Brianna Lowrey, Kristin Borrowman, Katie Herrman, Anna McLain, Beth Nusser, Leanne Hollinger, and Brecken Evans) and LHS personnel (Julie Tommer, Leah Bowers and Amber Pflughoeft) who collected and analyzed the data necessary to file the application. An apology if someone was missed.  

However, awards like these are not the result of only a small group of people. Awards like this are a PK-12 system victory because if somebody somewhere doesn't do their part, some things go undone or they have to be done by someone else, which takes away from that person's other responsibilities. 

"So when I say "Congratulations to all!", I mean to all," says Mr. Day

Keep up the great work. We will improve in these areas and others and earn additional and higher recognitions next year!

"It’s always a great day when I get to reach out to districts to celebrate their success. The results of the 2022 Kansans Can Star Recognition Program are in, and I’m pleased to inform you that Lyons has qualified for recognition. The attached letter details areas in which your district is excelling and is to be commended." wrote Dr. Randy Watson, Kansas Commissioner of Education. 

"Please take the opportunity to celebrate your success with educators, students, parents, and staff." Said Watson.