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The school Calendar showed January 20th as the Lyons Middle School date for Reality U.  This year we are pushing it back until March 31 with the hope we can progress to a more normal schedule.

Reality U is a simulation of a student's financial future as their potential 26-year-old self.  The simulation is based on the student's current GPA.  The GPA helps determine which types of jobs students may have.  The student takes a survey where they decide if they are married, have kids, have pets, and other various options that pertain to life.  Students then receive a profile for their simulation and they work through a budget based on their profile.  The simulation is offered to 8th and 10th grade students.  In recent years, we have hosted this event with close to 40 community members present to help run the tables for the simulation and have included Chase, Little River, and Sterling schools.  Due to COVID-19 and the hopes of protecting all people we are asking this year's Senior Class to help run the simulation rather than the community.  Once things are safe, we will resume back to including our community partners.  We will also include the other Rice County Schools again when we gain our new normal.  If you wish to help support this event, please contact Anna Cannon at Lyons Middle School. 257-3961.