Central's Wiffle Ball Tournament Results

It all began in Fairfield Connecticut, the summer of 1953. A man watched his 12 year-old son and a friend play a game in their backyard using a perforated plastic golf ball and a broomstick handle. The boys had given up on baseball with not enough players, room, and too many windows.  Together David N. Mullany and his son invented Wiffle Ball. A ball made so kids could throw curveballs and play many years later, in the Central Elementary Gymnasium.

For over 20 years, Physical Education teacher, Tom Moore, has held the Central Elementary Wiffle Ball Tournament. The tournament quickly became a favorite annual event and many past students want a rematch. Played at the same time as the World Series, classroom teams are given the same names as the Major League Baseball teams playing in the series. 3rd Graders competition was best 4 games out of 7 while 4th and 5th graders played for best 3 out of 5.
For more information Wiffle Ball and its rules go to Waffle Ball 

Below are this year’s winners:

5th Grade - Mrs. Bohnenblust - Dodgers
Itzel , Alexander, Arriana, Gage, Avery,  Levi G, Alexa, Kaytlyn
Best Batting Average: Avery with .870
Runs Batted In Co-Champions: Avery and Arriana with 15

5th Grade - Mrs. McGuirer - Rays
Chloe, Derek, Melamie, Raiden, Lizzy, Logan, Crystal, Justin, Ian
Best Batting Average: Chloe with .833
Runs Batted In Champion: Derek with 12

5th Grade - Mrs. Zink - Dodgers
Keira, Trey, Macy, Elliot, Hayden, Yassell, Emma, Bradley, Alexis
Best Batting Average: Yassell with 1.000
Runs Batted In Co-Champions:  Keira, Bradley, and Lexi V. with 7

4th Grade - Mrs. Konda - Dodgers
Aaron, Kyla, Colton, Mia, Austin, Jazmin, Dalton, Mailin, Keylan, Mattea
Best Batting Average: Kayla with .866
Runs Batted In Champion: Colton with 16

4th Grade - Mrs. Rausch - Rays
Madeline, Emmanual, Arlette, William, Roma,
Juan, Samantha, Samuel, Natalee, Kaydence
Best Batting Average: Emmanuel with .938
Runs Batted In Champion: Gerardo with 10

4th Grade - Mrs. Steen - Dodgers
Carson. Layn. Aaliyah, Elie, Landen C., Derian, Sarah, Gage, Arianna, Lili
Best Batting Average: Elie with 1.000
Runs Batted In Champion: Elie with 12

3rd Grade - Mrs. Head - Rays
Angel, Jade, Alvin, Aniiyah, Rilan, Izabela, Kason, Julia, German, Rebecca

3rd Grade - Mrs. Raadmae - Rays
Valeria, Aaron, Kaytleen, Kevin, Angie, Marcus, Avery, Jose

3rd Grade - Mrs. Reazin - Rays
Brooklyn C., Jax, Sophia, Arvin, Brianna, Colton, Skylar, Oscar