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Reminder of Why Redesign is So Important

We are nearly two years into the redesign process, and most of us understand the importance of what we are doing. However, it never hurts to review, so here are some reminders of why we are redesigning our education system in Lyons.

The current education system is failing to adequately equip students to supply the demands of the work force.

Today’s workforce requires a 4- year degree or more for approximately 1/3 of all jobs, and most of those are high-pay, high-demand jobs.

Today’s workforce requires a post-secondary degree, license or certificate for approximately 1/3 of all jobs, and most of those are high-pay, high-demand jobs.

Today’s workforce requires only a high school diploma for approximately 1/3 of all jobs, but most of those are low-pay, low-demand jobs.

One hundred years ago, the current system of education worked well because schools were preparing kids to be factory workers. Working in factories provided a good paying job that required little training.

Today, automation has taken over most of those repetitive tasks formerly performed by factory workers. Robots build our cars, manufacture components, assemble products, sort mail, and on and on.

Automation continues to evolve, taking over more and more of the unskilled jobs. Today we are even beginning to program our planes, trains, and automobiles to operate without a human in control. We even have computers programming and operating other computers.

We don’t even know what skills tomorrow’s workforce will need, because things are changing so rapidly.

What we do know is that tomorrow’s workers will need to have a certain skill set including the ability to collaborate with others, communicate effectively, solve problems by thinking critically, and possess a fundamental level of technological skills such as computer operation and coding.

We also know that employers report shortages of workers who can show up at work every day and on time, dress appropriately for the job, stay off their cell phones, pass a drug test, work productively with other people and have a clean driving and criminal record.

The social-emotional health of today’s students is deteriorating from prior generations. There are many reasons for that and nearly all stem from adverse childhood experiences, including abuse, neglect, hostile home environment, alcohol/tobacco/drug abuse in the home, and others.

Kids who are not socially-emotionally secure cannot effectively learn. Conjugating verbs and solving mathematical equations are the last thing on their minds. Maslow knew what he was talking about.

The times have changed and will continue to change at an ever-increasing rate. The same can be said of transportation, communication, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and nearly every aspect of our society--except education.

Education must change because our 100+ year-old system is failing to meet today’s, and even more-so, tomorrow’s needs, and thereby failing, most tragically, our students.

Remember: School Redesign is not just important work, it is vital! We all have to continue to work together to change yesterday’s ways of doing things, so our kids are ready for tomorrow’s challenges!