Park Preschool and Inclusive Playground


 What a pleasure it is to write to you today. Its intent is to offer you an opportunity to enhance our community and to make all students’ lives full of play and joy while at Park Elementary. Over the course of the next few months, Park Elementary and the community at large will start a campaign to raise funds for a new preschool playground addition along with a handicap inclusive playground.

 Our vision for the playground addition is to put a preschool playground on school property that is accessible for disabled children as well as a sensory play area that will include musical play equipment. There will be an addition of swing sets on the main playground that will be accessible for children with physical disabilities. There will also be swings that seat children facing each other to create social interaction. Each one of these additions will have impact-reducing rubberized smooth surfacing that is accessible for all children.

This is a bold venture and one that will take the time, planning and funds of the community, school district and businesses to make it possible. Building a playground that meets the needs of all children is a passion of mine. Creating an outdoor play environment where children can explore, create friendships and be active is a goal of our staff and one that we are committed to providing.

 We are asking you, the community and businesses to aid in achieving our goal. The Board of Education along with the USD 405 Educational Endowment Association will also aid in supporting our dream, but this is one dream that must be met with the full support of the community of Lyons.

If this is something that speaks to you, please know that any donation of time, talents, service or funding will be graciously accepted. If you choose to help support our efforts through a monetary donation, please know that your donation can be gifted through the Endowment Association as a charitable donation, which is tax deductible. As a district employee you also have the option of deducting your donation through payroll. We have attached the form to this letter for your convenience.


If you wish to donate, the following is the address of the Endowment Association:

USD 405 Educational Endowment Association
 800 S. Workman
 Lyons, KS 67554


Again, I want to thank you for your time, consideration and generosity. 

Best regards, 

John C. Cannon, Principal