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Wednesday, March 8th, LMS band students attended a CKL competition in Larned. The 7th and 8th grade students had our most successful festival yet! At League Music Festival, each performance is rated by an adjudicator (or a panel of three judges for the bands) using a rubric with 7-9 categories and multiple criteria in order to make ratings as objective and standardized as possible. The overall rating scale is as follows with a PDF with the KSHSAA Music Rating descriptions at the bottom. 

I - Outstanding
II - Excellent
III - Average
IV - Poor
V - Ineffective

Here are the ratings we received:

LMS Concert Band - Outstanding (we earned "I" ratings from all three judges!)

Small Ensembles
LMS Flute Choir - Outstanding
LMS Clarinet Choir - Outstanding
7th Grade Clarinet Quartet - Outstanding
LMS Saxophone Choir - Outstanding
LMS Brass Ensemble - Excellent
LMS Percussion Ensemble - Outstanding

Kaitlyn Moore, Flute - Outstanding
Kallie Geier, Flute - Outstanding
Greta Showalter, Oboe - Outstanding
Adi Tobisch, Bass Clarinet - Outstanding
Bradly Curzon, Alto Sax (No Rating)
Isabel Gonzalez, Alto Sax - Outstanding
Siiqret Mauck, Tenor Sax - Excellent
Edgard Zuniga, Trumpet - Outstanding
Emma Peterson, Trumpet - Outstanding
Logan Allen, Tuba - 6th Grade Tuba, Excellent
Logan Ferguson, Tuba - Outstanding
Dale Loughridge, Tuba - Outstanding
Angel Landeros, Marimba - Outstanding
Alexis Martinez, Marimba - Outstanding

We are so proud of our kids and all the time and effort they put into their passion for music!

KSHSAA Music Rating Descriptions