Norma Jaime holding certificate

Norma Jaime is the El Potrillo Above & Beyond winner for the month of February. Norma works tirelessly to serve and communicate with our Hispanic students and parents, particularly those for whom English is a second language. She is also the Migrant Education Program coordinator. The MEP has grown three times larger in 2022-23. Norma translates for all the buildings and attendance centers to make sure that whatever is given to students or sent home is done so in the first language for our families. She also interprets for phone calls and in person meetings, including after hours. She does it all quickly and with a smile on her face. She is committed to our school and our community and is proud of being "home-grown" with her roots, her heart and her future here in Lyons! 

Congratulations also to the other nominees for the month of February including Amber Pflughoeft, Amber Kasper, Allie Dwyer, Ardynn Hershberger, Jeff Fuss, Gaye Callich, Brecken Evans, Courtney Farmer, BJ Smith, the FEC office staff (Jessica Goforth, Sydney Kollhoff, Cheryl Davis, and Dona Strubhar), and Chelsea Hansen.