This past Saturday, February 11th,  the Lyons Powerlifting Team traveled to Larned to compete at their first Powerlifting Meet. There were a total of 148 student-athletes representing 13 schools. Last year's team was a combined total of 4 student-athletes and all attended this same event.

However, this year we were able to take 12 students with 9 of them competing. Every student-athlete hit a personal PR in AT LEAST one individual lift. The lifts that we compete within are Bench Press, Squat, and Power Clean. Each athlete is allowed three attempts within the individual lifts. 

Please see the below individuals who received medals for placing in the top three spots for their divisions:

Yamyle Ramirez (3rd Place Overall in 132lb Division) 

Bench 110lb (2nd Place Bench) 

Squat 190lb (1st Place Squat)

Clean 120lb (2nd Place Clean)

Emma Elliot (3rd Place Overall in 123lb Division)

Bench 105lb (Tied 3rd Place Bench) 

Squat 185lb (4th Place Squat)

Clean 130lb (2nd Place Clean)

Kaden Hammond (3rd Place Overall in 242lb Division)

Bench 215lb (3rd Place Bench) 

Squat 360lb (3rd Place Squat)

Clean 225lb (3rd Place Clean)

I also would like to acknowledge their fellow peers who competed:

Tyveion Hamilton (156lb Div.) - 5th Place Bench with 205lbs, 

Will Miller (156lb Div.) - 5th Place Squat with 280lbs, 

Lessigh Braxton (198lb Div.) - 4th Place Bench with 245lbs and 6th Place Squat with 305lbs

Wrikin Scobee (198lb Div.) - 5th Place Squat with 315lbs and 3rd Place Clean with 215lbs

Danny Rivera (220lb Div.) - 5th Place Bench with 235lbs, 

Lucas Timberlake (242lb Div.) - 4th Place Bench with 165lbs and 4th Place Clean with 160lbs

As you see them throughout the halls or out in the community please praise them for their hard work thus far and their dedication to pushing their bodies to do immeasurably more within the weight room