The workers’ compensation insurance for USD 405 and Rice County Special Services Cooperative employees is carried by KASB Workers Compensation Fund, Inc.
USD 405 has identified the following medical providers for the “initial” treatment of job related injuries incurred under the workers’ compensation coverage:

  • Lyons Medical Center

  • Hutchinson Clinic

  • Sterling Medical Center

Any one of these clinics may be used for the primary treatment of a workers’ compensation covered injury. Further medical referrals may be authorized by any doctor if additional medical attention is necessary.
If an employee seeks initial treatment from a doctor or chiropractor not authorized by the employer, the employer or its insurance carrier is only liable up to $500.

If an employee is injured while on the job or performing job related duties, even if he/she does not see a medical provider, please follow the steps listed below.
1. Call or email to report the injury immediately to Jessica Goforth (jgoforth@usd405.com or 257-5196 ext. 125).
2. The injured employee must complete the “Report by Injured Employee” form and submit it to the Frisbie Education Center (FEC) within ten days. Provide a detailed report of the accident/injury. 
3. The “Report by Eyewitness” form must be completed if there is a witness to the accident/injury.
4. The “Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report” must be completed and forwarded to the FEC as soon as the accident is reported by the injured employee. Bills incurred for treatment of the employee should be sent to the Frisbie Education Center to be forwarded to KASB Workers Compensation Fund, Inc.

If the accident/injury requires additional medical treatment, please keep the FEC informed. Some of the treatment may require pre-authorization by the workers’ compensation carrier.
If you have any questions, please call Jessica Goforth (257-5196 Ext. 125) at the FEC.