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Updated 2/2/24

Celebration Centre & Bar L Bar Arena

Check out events on their website at 
Celebration Center Website

New Resources Available to Students Through the RCCF

The Rice County Community Foundation has announced new resources for students .

Frisbie Family Student Assistance Scholarship
The Frisbie Family Student Assistance Scholarship is exclusively available for students within the USD 405 school district, with applications accepted solely through counselors and administrators on behalf of eligible students. This scholarship aims to support students by providing financial assistance for various needs, including but not limited to items required for participation in extracurricular activities, gym shoes, textbooks, glasses, or dental expenses. The maximum grant request per student is $250, and the application process is open year-round, with awards granted as requests are submitted. This initiative underscores the commitment to fostering the well-being and educational pursuits of students within the USD 405 community.

We have some other resources at our disposal as well which I'd like to remind you all of:

Careportal: This is a program counselors have access to where we can post the needs of our students and their families. Anything that improves the well-being of a child or helps to remove a barrier to their health, safety, or education can be posted. There is no limit on the value of the need (I've seen fumigation fees, washers and dryers, food and gas money, and furniture given through this program). Needs are often met within a week of being posted.

USD 405 Needy Child Fund: The third resource is a fund within the district and should be utilized only after all other options have been exhausted. This fund functions similarly to the others in that it exists to improve well-being and eliminate barriers of students within our district. This resource can be requested through an administrator and requires superintendent approval. 

If a student is interested in these opportunities contact your school counselor. There is enough support available to quickly meet almost all needs that arise. 

Lyons Library

The first library in Lyons was started in the early 1900s in a millinery shop on the east side of the square. The members of the Lyons Woman's Club were active in raising funds for a larger library. They raised $10,000 and this was matched by Andrew Carnegie. The new building was built at the corner of East Avenue South and Lyon Street and was dedicated in 1911 with the stipulation that it be used for a library and cultural purposes. In 1971 the city hall was rebuilt to contain the library, and the old Carnegie Library was converted for use as part of the Coronado-Quivira Museum. In 2014, a new city hall and library complex was built at the corner of West Main and West Ave South.
The mission of the Lyons Public Library is to provide resources to meet the educational, informational, cultural,
and recreational needs and interests of individuals in Lyons, Rice County, and surrounding areas.

Lyons Recreation Commission

Check out all that's happening for our youth this spring & summer!
For more information and to sign up please visit lyonsrec.org.
The baseball/softball, JR Golf, and Gymnastics registrations will be available!
We look forward to a fun spring as we start soccer games.
We hope to have more things planned as this summer goes on.