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Teacher of Students with
Visual Impairments (TSVI)


EXT. 168

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My name is Kindra Rowley. I am a teacher of students with visual impairments. I currently work in 6 different districts serving students from northern Kansas to southern Kansas. For the last 3 summers I have taught the extended school year in Kansas City at the Kansas State School for the Blind.

This is my 19th year in education overall. I have worked as a para-educator for 9 years, served as a special education teacher for 8 years, and have been a full time TSVI for the last 2 years.

In my position I teach braille, I work with a new type of blindness called Cortical Vision Impairment where the brain has difficulty processing the information being sent from the eyes, and I work with students on the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC). The ECC is critical to student success as adults as it explicitly directs instruction in daily living skills, careers, self-advocacy, self-determination, assistive technology, recreation and leisure, social skills, and self-efficiency skills. Did you know that 80% of what we learned we took in visually? For students with a visual impairment, they need help from family, friends, and the school to pick up what others observe visually.

Some good websites include:

I am a mother of two college students and a young daughter at home. When we aren't visiting the kids, my husband and I raise show cattle. We also try to slip in some camping and gardening in our spare time. My favorite after school activity is volunteering at my church leading the high school youth group.