Donations are tax-exempt

- An endowment created in honor or memory of a teacher, friend, relative, or as a
graduated class is one of the most thoughtful, sustained contributions you can make.

- Bequests through wills and trusts are frequently the gifting method

- Gifts can be as general or specific as the donor would like:

* Art, music, and drama

* Extra-curricular activities

* Fellowships

* Restricted grants

* Seminars/workshops

* Speech/forensics

* Technology


* With a gift of $7,500 an award may be named for perpetuity

* A $7,500 endowment provides one student per year with a $500 scholarship (6.67%)

* Scholarships can be established within any reasonable criteria the donor wishes, such as:

* Type of education

* Grade Point average

* Minimum hours

* Past performance

*Student interest

* Gender