2020-2021 Officers

President Dan Reazin
Vice Presiden
Treasurer Julie Tommer

Building Representatives

Park Leanna Payne
Central Susan Reazin
LMS Dan Reazin
LHS Julie Tommer
FEC (Special Services) Patty Myers

Negotiations Team

Leah Bowers
Daniel Dawson
Val Loesch
Dan Reazin
Susan Reazin
Tina Steinert

Scholarship Committee

Congratulations to LUTA Scholarship Recipients:

Five Ways LUTA is Making a Difference

Teaching and Learning
Need help locating resources, materials, or professional development for the classroom? LUTA is committed to helping teachers get the tools we need to be effective in the classroom. Let us know how we can help!

Collective Bargaining

Teachers' working conditions = Students' learning conditions. Working conditions, along with salary and benefits are all, under Kansas law, mandatorily negotiable. The LUTA negotiations committee works throughout the year with administration and the board of education to develop a negotiated agreement for all professional staff. Help them by letting them know what matters to you!

Legal and Member Rights

Think your rights have been violated at work? LUTA will support and guide you through to legal process to ensure your rights are protected.

Legislative and Political Action

Whether we admit it or not, politics is how we make decisions in a democracy. Everything we have, or don't have in a public school is because of some political decision or legislative action. With us, you are represented at the local, state, and national levels just like you learned in your civics classes. We concern ourselves with educational issues only, and only with direction from the grassroots membership.

Member Services

NEA/KNEA provides a wide range of programs that help improve the overall quality of life for members and their families. From affordable insurance and secure investments, to advance technology and convenient, accessible credit, NEA/KNEA can help members get significantly more out of life and their hard-earned dollars.