MAY 2021


Here are some great resources for self-care and also helping our students with stress.
Alliance for a Healthier Generation is a great resource and I would recommend everyone to register a user name with them to
access great resources regarding educator health and student health. 

Leading with Love

Leading with Love

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Featured Resources

“Just Like Me” Guided Meditation for Educators 
Practice giving grace to yourself and others in this two-minute mindfulness exercise.  

School Nutrition and Social-Emotional Climate  
Review best practices to ensure school nutrition policies reinforce social-emotional learning core competencies.  

Partnering with Community Health Organizations 
Share vital resources, build trust among the community, and equitably support student needs through collaboration.  

At-Home Feel Good Plan 
Guide young people to name how stress shows up in their lives and what they can do to feel more grounded. Also available in Spanish 

N-O-T: Not On Tobacco 
Help teens quit smoking and vaping with support to improve stress management, decision making, coping, and interpersonal skills. 

The Wellness Plan

To access, click on Kansas Schools' Wellness Policy Data.
Follow the instructions and use 
0405 as the sponsor number.
To give input into the Wellness Plan, please contact
Superintendent Bill Day at