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Take Time for You!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and Healthier Generation wants to recognize and thank teachers for their unwavering commitment to their students’ success and well-being. 

 May is also when we celebrate School Lunch Hero DayMother’s Day, and Mental Health Awareness Month. This week's featured resources are packed with ideas for everyone in your school community to relax and recharge.

 Featured Resources

Self-Care Resources for Teachers 
Prioritize teacher well-being with this collection of helpful self-care resources. 

Using School-Based Physical Activity to Improve the Social and Emotional Climate for Learning
Learn how a positive social and emotional climate helps create safe and supportive learning environments for students.

 Connect & Recharge: Designing Your Customized Staff Relaxation Zone 
Plan for staff well-being by providing a space where staff can decompress, connect with colleagues, and rejuvenate. 

Self-Care Tips for Parents & Caregivers 
Learn how to prioritize your own well-being with these 5 psychology-backed tips.  

Featured Trainings & Events

May 11: Celebrate Laotian Cooking and Culture with Chef Donny Sirisavath
In celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, gather the family and join Chef Donny as he prepares moutsayang ¾ a crowd-pleasing sampler of shareable, healthy bites ¾ while discussing the importance of food, family, culture, and community throughout his life.

 May 19: Fostering Individual and Collective Well-Being Through Boundaries
Learn how to translate your personal values into clear boundaries so that you can effectively maintain them. 

 May 26: Modeling the Path to Self-Regulation for Students Through Me Moments 
Walk through our newest toolkit: Me Moments, which teaches adults and young people how to co-create strategies for self-regulation. 

Lift Up a Teacher Today

Teachers play a crucial role in our children’s lives and their impact extends far beyond the classroom. Honor them with a matching gift to ensure they have the support they need to continue making a difference.


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