A drawing of a traffic light

The traffic flow procedures have allowed Park Elementary to create a drop-off and pick-up lane on the South side of the building. The lane will be marked with cones and will have numbered stalls for pick-up or drop-off. When dropping off or picking up, simply pull into one of the stalls in the lane to drop pick up or drop off your student and then pull back out into the street. There will be adults present at the lane to greet and help your child.

Students using the shuttle bus will be directed to the East entrence of the building.

When picking up your child in the afternoon, all students, PK through 2nd, will be outside to aid in a quicker process. Also, if your primary pick-up method is to drive and pick your child up, you will be given a color-coded rear-view mirror tag with your student’s name and class on it. Please put that tag up when you pull into the lane and someone will call for your student and then load your vehicle. Your student will also have a backpack tag with the same color to help in the process.

If you are wanting to walk your child in, you can park on the west side of the East doors. Those stalls are still being left for walk-in drop-offs.

A committee of parents, community members, city officials, school administrators, and the police department discussed how the parking situation could be improved. From that meeting, the committee suggested making Commercial and Workman streets in front and to the east of the school one-way streets. It was also suggested that to make more parking spaces, the concrete peninsula in front of the main entrance was removed. These suggestions were taken to the USD 405 School Board and the Lyons City Council. Each group approved the proposed plan.

Street signs have been placed and the direction of the traffic flow for Workman and Commercial. From Main Street (Hwy 56) to Lyon street, Workman is one-way heading south. Then from Reed to Bell street, Commercial is a one-way heading west. Below, is a diagram of the traffic flow. There is a handicapped ramp and parking stall at the South entrance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call at (620)-257-5624 or come in and see Mrs. Barrowman

Screenshot of the District Map and the routes 1