Deb Swenson

Hello, I’m Deb Swenson, or Miss Deb, as the kids call me. That Sw blend for Swenson is just too tough for most preschoolers. I have worked for our district for many years. I started as a para educator for first and second grade, and special education preschool. While completing my degree in elementary education and my certification for early childhood special education, I taught the first LEEP program at Central Elementary. After graduating I taught my first year as a Title I Math teacher and loved it. But, my heart was really still with the little people in pre-k, so when a pre-k class was added in Sterling, I jumped at the opportunity to take over a special education preschool class here. I have been teaching preschool now for 23 years. I’ve packed and unpacked my preschool class in all three elementary buildings and seen a lot of changes in education, but my passion is still working with preschoolers. So, thank you for sharing your child with me. I look forward to being a part of their first school experience!

Preschool Supplies for Deb Swenson's Class

PLEASE Label Clothing/Backpack Only, NOT supplies for Pre-K

1- Regular size Backpack, (not a tiny one, we need library books to fit )
1- Change of Clothing, (including socks), in a gallon baggie and labeled with name, (spills and accidents happen)
3- Large Elmer's Glue Sticks
1- Pkg. Expo Board Markers, (black, thin)
1- Roll of Paper Towels
1- Box of Snack Size Baggies, (each pre-k teacher asks for a different size and we swap some with one another so all classes have the various sizes for projects)
1- Plastic 2 Pocket Folder
1- Crayola Markers, ( 8 count)
1- Crayola Crayons, ( 8 count)
1- Crayola Watercolors (8 count)

Lista de utiles de la clase de la Maestra Deb

Lista de Útiles para la Clase de Miss Deb
1- Mochila de tamaño regular, (no una pequeña, necesitamos que los libros de la biblioteca quepan)
1- Cambio de ropa, (incluyendo calcetines), en una bolsa plástica y con el nombre escrito, (derrames y accidentes ocurren)
3- Pegamentos en barra Elmer’s
1- Paquete de Marcadores Expo, (negros, delgaditos)
1- Rollo de Toalla de Papel
1- Caja de Bolsitas Plásticas tamaño Merienda, (cada maestra de
Preescolar pide diferentes tamaños y nos intercambiamos así que todas las clases tienen tamaños diferentes para varios proyectos)
1 Caja grande de Kleenex
1 Marcadores marca Crayola, (con 8 colores)
1- Colores marca Crayola, (con 8 colores)
1- Pinturas de Agua (con 8 colores)

Deb's Pre-k Class Schedule

8:00--8:40 Arrival Routine, HWT/Name writing, Transition Activity or 1:1 work, Clean Up
8:40---9:05 Circle & Story Time (Calendar, helpers, math, letter practice, theme
9:05---9:20 Music
9:20---9:50 Small Group work and clean up
9:50---10:30 Small Group Social Play and clean up
10:30---10:50 Potty, Wash, Snack, clean up
10:50---11: 15 Pack up and Gross Motor Play, (Playground or cafeteria)
12:00---12:40 Arrival Routine, HWT/Name writing, Transition Activity or 1:1 work, Clean Up
12:40---1:05 Circle & Story Time (calendar, helpers, math, letter, letter practice, theme
1:05---1:20 Music
1:20—-1:50 Small Group work and clean up
1:50---2:30 Small Group Social Play and clean up
2:30---2:50 Potty, Wash, Snack, clean up and pack
2:50---3:15 Gross Motor Play, (Playground or cafeteria)
Library: Wednesday a.m. 10:00—10:20
p.m. 1:45—2:05

Class Expectations

Good School Citizens...
Follow Classroom Safety and Health Rules
Walk in the Classroom
Carry Scissors and Pencils Safely
Wash After We Potty
Sneeze in Our Elbow
Help Classmates Learn
Encourage Others With Kind Words
Give Me 5 (Take Turns Listening/Speaking)

1. Legs are crossed
2. Hands are still
3. Ears are listening
4. Eyes are watching
5. Lips are zipped

Show Respect for Others That Are Learning in Our Building
Walk in Hallways with Voice Off and Quiet Feet (Marshmallow Toes)

Expectaciones de La Clase

Buenos Ciudadanos Escolares..
Seguir las Reglas de Seguridad y Salud de la Clase
Caminar en el Salón
Tomar tijeras y lápices seguramente
Lavarnos las manos después de ir al baño
Estornudar en sus brazos
Ayudar a Nuestros Compañeros a Aprender
Animar a otros con nuestras buenas palabras
Dame 5 (tomar turnos en escuchar/hablar)

1. Sentarse con las piernas cruzadas
2. Manos quietas
3. Oidos atentos
4. Ojos fijos
5. Mantener la boca cerrada
Mostrar Respeto a Otros que Están Aprendiendo en Nuestro Edifico
Caminar en los pasillos con voces apagadas y pies callados (Dedos de Bombón)

Online Child Development Resources

Singing and Playing Games: Language-Building Opportunities

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The Importance of Teaching Sequencing
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Sound-Object Associations – Knowing What We Hear!
Asociaciones de Sonido-Objeto – ¡Conociendo lo que escuchamos!
Signs, Symbols, and Safety in the Community
Señales, Símbolos, y la Seguridad en la Comunidad

Sharing- An Important Social Skill
Compartir - ¡Una Habilidad Social Importante!

Early Language Development
El Desarrollo Temprano del Lenguaje

Quality Time with Your Child Leads to Strong Language Skills
El Tiempo de Calidad Dedicado con su Nino/a Conduce a las Habilidades Fuertes del Lenguaje

Handwriting Needs Perceptual and Visual Motor Skills
La escritura necesita habilidades motrices visuales y de percepción


Fine Motor Milestones
Hitos de la Habilidad Motriz Fina


Fun Ways to Teach Children How to Write the Letters of the Alphabet
Maneras Divertidas de Enseñarle a los Niños Cómo Escribir las Letras del Abecedario


Learning Through Predictable Books
Aprendiendo con Libros Previsibles


Available in English Only
Six Early Literacy Skills Predict Reading and Writing Success


Building Early Literacy Skills through Speaking and Listening


PBS Parents
Site includes parenting tips, articles on development, recipes, crafts, and printables


Sesame Street Little Discoverers-Big Fun With Science-Math and MoreGreat site for Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology videos, games and activities


My Favorite Online Learning Games

These are some of my favorite online preschool games. Feel free to email me links to some of your favorites too.

www.sesamestreet.org – Magical Numbers, Cooking with Rosita, (English and Spanishwww.atv.disney.go.com/playhouse – Mystery Picture Count Up

www.sesamestreet.org – Keyboard-o-rama, Big Bird's Letters
www.tvokids.com/bigbackyard – Letterella, Alphabet Good, Animal Who
www.starfall.com – ABC's
www.pbs.org/wordoworld/characters/game_dip.html – letter sounds
www.pbs.org/lions/games/abcd.html – sequencing the alphabet

www.sesamestreet.org – Big Bird's Shapes, Check Out the Cookies

www.internet4classrooms.com/prek.htm – Hatch and Match, (#9 Mouse Skills)
www.learningplanet.com – Mr. Elephant's Matching Game
www.atv.disney.go.com/playhouse – Goofy's Wild Shoe Round-up

www.sesamestreet.org – Jumping Rhymes, Nick of Time

www.sesamestreet.org – Oscar's Trash Collection, Elmo's Playful Pets

www.internet4classrooms.com/prekhtm – Boople's Colors (#3 Mouse Skills)

Learning to Read
www.starfall.com – It's Fun to Read

Mouse Skills
www.mothergoose.com – Monkey Around