My name is Beth Nusser and I would like to welcome you and your child to my classroom. I graduated from HCC in 1986 with my associates degree and then ESU in 1988 with my Bachelors in elementary education with a minor in early childhood. In 1998 I completed my certification in Early Childhood Special Education. My husband Kelly and I have lived in Lyons since 1987. I started teaching prek in 1998 and have been a prek teacher at Park Elementary since 2006. We have two grown kids: Tegan is a math teacher and Anna is a student at KSU. I am looking forward to meeting the needs of your child.


Phone# 620-257-562


In my Pre-K classroom, I expect my students to follow some basic rules.

1. Keep hands to yourself
2. Ears are for listening
3. Eyes are for watching
4. Take turns talking
5. Quiet feet in the building
6. Be a good friend

FAVORITE LINKS: has endless prek themes with learning materials that can be printed off. has a variety of coloring pages that you can add a title to or words to trace over.
Pinterest: I search whatever prek theme that I am planning for. Feel free to follow what I have pinned.
YouTube has videos of story books being read along with a variety of learning videos that involve colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and nursery rhymes. has learning activities and videos


  • 1-Backpack (regular size, not a tiny one)

  • 1-Change of clothing including socks (in a ziploc bag labeled)

  • 1-Large Kleenex Box

  • 1-Bottle Elmers Glue ALL

  • 2-Large Elmer’s Glue Sticks

  • 1-Crayons (Small, box of 8)

  • 1-3 ring black notebook 1”

  • 1-Box sandwich size Ziploc bags1-Water colors (8 count)

Please do not label any preschool supplies other than clothing.