Tell your story.

These truly are historic times. The Coronado Quivira Museum is asking for memories while they are in the process of being made!

The museum is inviting kids and adults to be involved by recording their memories and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic then sharing with them. The Rice County Historical Society/Coronado Quivira Museum is closed to support the effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 but you can send your messages through their facebook account or e-mail at  Below you will find a form which might be useful. This activity will help save memories of our own community and make it possible for the Museum to have a meaningful exhibit the in Fall 2020. 

 Printable Version Diary for COVID-19 



We all make history and have stories to tell. Diaries hold stories of everyday life. Sometimes these stories take place during extraordinary times. Today, we ask you to keep a diary/journal/daily log and record what it is to live through this time of COVID-19. You can help make sure what is happening today will be remembered, and that people in the future will know how you lived. You can be a history maker and a history keeper. 

You are being challenged to write, draw, photograph or record something in your diary/journal/log and date each day.   Your writing, art work or recording can be long. It can be short. It can be funny. It can be angry. Whatever you do, it's your story. However you choose to keep your memories, please date each entry clearly.

What to write/draw/photograph or record? • What did you work on today? • Who did you talk to today? About what? • What are you happy about? • What worries you? • Whatever you're thinking about...

 Please share your work with us on the Coronado Quivira Museum’s Facebook or email us for now.  Once the Museum is open again, we will select enteries and you to help us prepare an exhibit about your responses to the COVID-19 crisis. 

 We look forward to hearing from you.

 Potential categories include:
• Kids up to 12
• Teens 13-17
• Adults 18+

The categories might be adjusted based upon what is received.  

Thanks for your help.