The Lyons High School Disc Golf Course, sponsored by the Lyons Recreation Commission and USD 405-Lyons, was established in 2019. The Course Kiosk is located near the Hole 1 Tee Box south of the main LMS entrance. The kiosk shows the course layout and special rules.

Hole 18 is off-limits during school hours (typically August-May, M-F, 7:30-3:30). To play 18 holes during school hours, golfers should play Hole 1 a second time.


The putting green, sponsored by Home Lumber, is on the front lawn of Lyons Middle School. The green is 13,000 square feet. The tee for Hole 1 is at the south edge of the putting green, and just across the drive from Hole 18.


Hole 1, sponsored by Tory Tipp State Farm, is a 284-foot, par 3. The tee is on the south edge of the Putting Green and the basket is west, in the middle of the tree grove with access from the south.


Hole 2, sponsored by Pride Ag/Ace Hardware, is a 308-foot, par 3 along the west edge of the tree grove on the southwest corner of the course. There is a left-mando on the north edge of the grove and the basket is located in the grove to the east.


Hole 3, sponsored by the Good Samaritan Society of Lyons, is a 182-foot, par 3 that starts east of Basket 2, on the putting green and goes north along the building then hooks right, to the north of the building.


Hole 4, sponsored by Compass Minerals, is a 368-foot, par 3. The tee is just to the northeast of Basket 3. The hole is a straight shot over a ravine and along a tree row. Out of bounds is on or to the right of the sidewalk that runs the entire length of the hole.


Hole 5, sponsored by Temp-Aire, is a 333-foot, par 3. The tee is a few feet north of the Hole 4 basket. The hole runs to the southeast, north of the sidewalk and tree row and over the ravine. The basket is on the north side of the high school weight room building. Out of bounds is on or to the right of the sidewalk that runs the entire length of the hole.


Hole 6, sponsored by Lyons Pharmacy, the shortest hole at 180 feet. The par 3 tee is just a few feet east of the Hole 5 basket. The basket is northeast of the tee and either through or around a tree grove, with the basket nestled among the cedars.


Hole 7, sponsored by Nex-Tech, is a par 3 that starts west of the Quonset shed and runs 359 feet northeast along the ravine and into the tree-row.


Hole 8, sponsored by Kansas Ice (at the corner of Grand and Commercial), tees off about 100 feet northwest of the Hole 7 basket, on the north side of the ditch. Hole 8 is a 251-foot, par 3, with a sharp right dogleg around the discus ring.


Hole 9, sponsored by Lyons Federal Bank, is the second-longest hole at 418 feet. The tee for Hole 9 is a few feet north of the Hole 8 basket.  This par 3 is a long, and level shot straight north from the tee. The Hole 9 basket is located under a large cottonwood at the northwest corner of the course.


Hole 10, sponsored by IBEW Local 661, is the longest hole on the course at 430 feet and is a par 3. The tee is approximately 100 feet east of the Hole 9 basket. The Hole 10 basket lies just east of a row of small fruit trees.


Hole 11, sponsored by Wray Roofing, is a 319-foot, par 3 that tees off about 120 feet east of the Hole 10 basket. The Hole 11 tee presents hazards on both sides and straight ahead, before gently curving around the cedar tree row.


Hole 12, sponsored by Conrade Insurance Group, is a 319-foot, par 3. The  tee is west of the row of cedars. The fairway follows the natural curvature of the softball outfield fence and the two rows of cedars. The tee is between left field and the scoreboard beyond left field. Anything inside of the softball field fence is out of bounds.


Hole 13, sponsored by Lyons Salt, is a 244-foot, par 3 that tees off south of the softball field parking lot. The basket is placed just inside the tree row to the right.


Hole 14, sponsored by Peoples State Bank, has been called the signature hole by course designer Darren Bottom. The tee is inside the east end of a double row of trees and the basket is 181 feet through the natural tree tunnel. Double-mandos at 60 feet and 120 feet keep play in the tree row. Good luck on this par 3.


Hole 15, sponsored by Integrated Consulting Engineers, is a 277-foot, par 3. The tee is between the tree row and the parking lot. There is a left mando to keep play off of the parking lot. The basket is located in the gravel parking area at the northeast corner of the large parking lot.


Hole 16, sponsored by the City of Lyons, is a 248-foot, par 3, island hole. The tee shot must land inside the cedar picket island before putting. The tee is approximately 60 feet south of the Hole 15 basket, south of the drive.


Hole 17, sponsored by First Bank, is a 301-foot, par 3. The tee is 375 feet west of the Hole 16 basket. The Hole 17 basket on the south lawn of Lyons High School.


Hole 18, the second hole sponsored by IBEW #661, is off-limits during school hours--typically August-May, M-F, 7:30-3:30. (To play 18 holes during school hours, golfers should play Hole 1 a second time.) The hole is a 311-foot, par 3. The parking lot to the right and the road to the left are both out of bounds.