ACT Prep Class

Just in time for Juniors to get ready to take their ACT test on 2/28!

 DATE AND TIME:   2/8/23 8:30 am-2:30 pm, with a lunch break
 VENUE: Lyons High Lecture Room (601 E American Rd Lyons, KS) 
 NUMBER OF ATTENDEES:  Open to any high school student
 AMOUNT REQUIRED:   Early registration: $10 (by Feb. 1) Late Registration: $20 for those who register within the week of the class

Event Description

This class includes practical and relevant information on how to increase your ACT score. It shows you how to control the test and not let it control you! The workshop covers what will be on the test and how to master test-taking techniques. This class is not a practice test! Learn general ideas about the ACT as a whole and the individual tests: 

  • English- Learn what ACT test writers are looking for and how to approach different types of


  • Math- Learn what problem-solving skills and math skills you need.
  • Reading - Learn your best method for doing well on ACT reading.
  • Science- Learn common question types and what’s really required to do well.

About the Program
Carolyn Devane has been teaching ACT classes and helping thousands of students improve their scores since 1999. Here’s what students are saying:

"I took your class at the K-State campus at the end of August! I was the kid that said you raised my score by three points!
Well, guess what? You have outdone yourself once again!

"I received, with a super score, a 26 on the ACT!! That's a two-point increase from my previous score! My score in my math section increased by five points!!!! I used all your tips... and this math score really made me proud of myself."